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Review Hard to Kill (1990): One of the better Steven Seagal films!

genre: crime, action

Minor spoilers. (You don't watch a Steven Seagal for it's plot so give me a break!)

When I first had seen this film I thought Hard to Kill was a spiritual successor to Above the Law (Nico) because it was very similar. But this was of course before he made a million of the same film over and over again. But despite what I think of him now he was a decent action hero when he first started out.

Hard to Kill has a very simple plot where a cop Mason Storms (Steven Seagal) has managed to tape a group of mobsters doing some shady business with some unknown person. At least at that time. This unknown person then orders his thugs to get the recording and kill the guy who has it. Tuns out that a lot of cops are on the take and soon find out it's Mason Storm. They don't hesitate to kill Masons's family and Mason himself. Only the son is unharmed since he was able to flee away. Mason was declared death but then miraculously came back to life. Apparently Mason is hard to kill and has survived the attack. He is in a coma though. His good friend Lt. Kevin O'Malley ( Frederick Coffin) decides to conceal this fact from everyone and makes sure Mason will be taken care off in secret until he awakens. And he does and you know what that means.

I hate to say it but you actually feel for Mason and his predicament. He is just an honest cop doing his job. It also helps that these corrupt cops and main villain are super evil. A little incompetent but it's fun to see their bones get crushed by Seagal. I think that always has been his appeal. But unlike the films he makes now he actually put in some effort. He even cracks jokes if you can believe that. Not saying that they are funny or anything still it makes him likeable. Seagal dragged his then wife into this project. Kelly LeBrock. As sexy as she was in Weird Science. Although you can tell that she is not taking this film seriously because she is not even attempting to act well. But it still is better than Seagal's acting so it's perfectly fine. I couldn't help but think of Kelly LeBrock and the relationship she had with Steven Seagal. He apparently had abused and raped her many times and is forced to maintain some kind of relationship because she has three kids with him. In this film she clearly is still in love with him. It does make you wonder how and when it went all to hell for her.

Any way Hard to Kill is nicely paced and has enough bone crushing action to satisfy the craving. Definitely one of his better films.

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