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Review Spider-Man 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (2002): A classic pure and simple!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure

The first time I had seen Spider-Man in the cinema it blew me away. Having been a fan of the comics, the cartoons and the videogame on PS1 this live action was everything I had hoped for. Sam Raimi truly made a comic book come alive. 

Many years and many adaptations later some people disregard this original as if it were bad or outdated. Well, those people clearly don't know the source material that well. Sure Sam Raimi made some changes considering for example the web shooting. In the film it was organic, in the comics he had created the web shooters himself. Spider-Man running out of web cartridges was one of the elements that brought constant tension to his fights with enemies. Kirsten Dunst as MJ always was a questionable choice if you ask me. Some say she can't be blamed for that because that is the way she was written. However I disagree with that. Very rarely does she express the spunk and passion comic book MJ is known for. I am afraid Dunst either didn't understand her or was incapable of portraying her correctly. 

Spirit wise though Sam Raimi nailed it. Peter Parker was struggling to to combine school, work, social life and being Spider-Man. And what is more Spider-Man than him learning that with great power comes great responsibility. It's one of the main reasons you can count on him. Even if that means he won't ever have a normal life or relationship. Uncle Ben's part might have been real small in this film. But his plot line is easily the most heart wrenching and touching moments in the film. Especially since it depicts something a lot of us might have experienced themselves. 

Also it's surprising to see how well this film holds up. Maybe only some of the CGI might look a bit dated but honestly you will hardly notice since almost everything looks incredible. Especially given the 4K HDR treatment. It made colours pop enormously. The little grainy look added to the cinematic experience. And the sound is top notch as well. Often I have a hard time seeing the real difference between normal Blu-Ray versions and 4K but in this case it's like night and day. So if you are going to purchase this film then make sure it's the 4K version.

Spider-Man is one of the best comic book movies ever made. I doubt that without Sam Raimi's vision others would even have a clue what to do. He set the example how to bring the ultra beloved character to the big screen and managed to give it that something extra only he can. It's a classic pure and simple!

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