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Review The Room (2019): I did not hit her...oops wrong movie!

genre: mystery, drama, horror

Sorry for my joke. I could not resist. Although to be fair. Had Tommy Wiseau been involved with this project we definitely would have had a classic on our hands.

You might have guessed that The Room has noting to do with Wiseau's masterpiece. And no The Room is not a million in a dime haunted house story. On the one hand that is a shame because I personally like those types of horror films. On the other hand this film does something quite original and within that concept does create terror and horror. In hindsight though it could and should have been far creepier and scarier. So what is this about? In short, a couple move to a new house where a mysterious room is present. One day Matt (Kevin Janssens) is in the room where he wishes for a new bottle of whiskey. This new bottle arrives. Thinking this might be a figment of his imagination he wishes for another bottle. He then realizes that the room is capable of materializing whatever he wishes for. There doesn't seem to be a limit. Or is there? When he tells Kate (Olga Kurylenko) about it they go crazy and have fun with wishing for whatever they want. But of course there is a catch. What that catch is I won't reveal. 

Now I for one would might have done the same and wish for stuff. I mean who wouldn't? However I would wonder where it would come from and how it could be possible? You can bet I would research the hell out of the history of the house and it's occupants. What if the devil was involved? Or some other evil being seducing you to then claim your soul or worse. Kate and Matt aren't really that concerned. Especially Kate takes it to a level that definitely would make me question her sanity. I loved Matt's reaction to her action since it is one that is very outrageous. It's also at this point where the film deals with the issues created by her. Not that Matt is entirely in the clear since he already figured out earlier that something is not quite right. He only tells Kate when she is about to find out about it herself. 

As I said the film has a very interesting concept. And it has a lot of potential for some real horror goodness. Unfortunately The Room gets stuck with one plot line I myself didn't really found that compelling. It could have been had they fleshed it out more. It is asked of you to not be super critical and just go with it even when the film could have been absolutely terrifying had it at least explored where this room came from or who had built it. I also found it troubling that the couple barely communicated with each other about real important decisions. As someone who is very impulsive I certainly wouldn't mess with things I didn't understand. I would make sure that my partner and I would have talked it through completely. In that regard I found the actions and reactions of these people to be a little too convenient. For every action there is a consequence and a price. You have to be really prepared to deal with that.

In any case this film on premise alone will be quite compelling and entertaining. Even if it is a bit slow and too outrageous without actually offering that horror goodness I was craving for.

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