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Review Don't Let Go (2019): Has dramatic merit!

genre: drama, mystery, horror

If you have seen the trailer you might get the impression that Don't Let Go is a horror. While some of the events sure can be defined as one I can assure you that this is more a drama with a twist!

The twist is obvious since it was already revealed in the film. And it's not even a new twist since some years ago a film named Frequency had the same concept. In essence Don't Let Go is a whodunnit except it's not really that concerned with who but more with the act that is committed. And the impact of that act. To me this is really sold well by David Oyelowo and Storm Reid. Especially in one scene the dramatic impact is huge and intense. That alone was enough for me to be sold on the concept. It was simple but effective. You root for these characters from start to finish. Everything else didn't matter.

Now of course I wanted to be the mystery more compelling or creepy. And they easily could have steered it that way. But without hurting the emotional component? That would be hard to accomplish. Although it has been done before by Peter Jackson in The Frighteners which also added comedy into the mix. So yes Don't Let Go certainly is flawed and perhaps a little light. Still it has heart. Sometimes that is all you need. 

I myself can recommend this, however I am very aware that Don't Let Go very likely won't meet expectations. Especially since it's not really the film that is advertised in the trailer. But does that mean it's bad and not worth your time? No, this film certainly has some merit. Mind you, it's incredibly basic but it's enough.

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