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Review Black and Blue (2019): A decent watch!

genre: action, crime, drama

Black and Blue is one of those films you know is trying to say something. However while the intentions are good it oversimplifies things to such a degree that it detracts from the viewing experience.

Not that it's bad. It's a pretty decent watch. But it never leads to uncharted territories. It's far too safe and unrealistic to be taken seriously. And I really wanted to be overwhelmed by the dark truth. Except this film only scratches the surface. Biggest fault of this film it's one cliche after another. Right from the start you will be able to predict what is going to happen and why. It completely breaks the tension and suspense. The only reason I was still invested was because of the characters and their interaction with each other. Naomie Harris did a real good job of carrying the film on her shoulders. Tyrese Gibson started out a little bad and grew on me. Still I have seen him do better. So not sure what was going on with him. Perhaps still a little mad about The Rock venturing into his own side show called Hobbs and Shaw. Frank Grillo at this point should really stop taking these parts. The second you see him you know he is the bad guy. They could have played around with this typecast and have him be the exact opposite. Other than the predicament of the main character there is nothing else going on of note. No sense or depiction of the world. It is assumed that you know the world. But if that world is full of stereotypes and not show what it really is like how do you want me to root for you and your message? 

As a political statement Black and Blue just doesn't cut it. For that to work it needed deeper characterization, a deeper story and more heart. This is just a by the numbers crime film where the main character is a black woman. While she did a good job it's nothing special!

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