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Review Ready or Not (2019): Great start but real let down at the end!

genre: horror, comedy, mystery

Ready or Not was one of the titles I was looking forward to this year since the trailer promised to be real compelling. And premise wise it had a lot of potential. Execution wise though the film is a disaster.

Advertised as a horror and comedy Ready or Not fails to deliver on both. There is enough blood and gore but only on occasion could I chuckle. The biggest problem is the lack of tension and suspense. The whole premise of course is absurd. And eventually it gets explained why the family don't hesitate to take part in these ridiculous events. But exactly that element fails to have an impact. If you have very little buildup to it then why should I care? To make matters worse there aren't that many surprises. Excluding the twists and turns just for the sake of having them. If they aren't predictable they definitely are boring. Ready or Not doesn't even manage to deliver on shock. I mean it's 2019. You really have to go all out in order to make violence interesting. How? Well, how about making characters deeper and more complex. Why not have them struggle and fight a little harder to hold on their humanity? Or why not have them revel in the madness and have them being conflicted about events? Why not give all of the characters little arcs that point out their good and bad characteristics? 

Samara Weaving, who looks a lot like Margot Robbie is absolutely annoying in this film. At times she lays it on so thick that I was sure that her character was pretending to be someone who she is not. But no, Samara actually is expressing the emotions her character is experiencing. Her character is genuinely terrified and acts like a complete moron from start to finish. Once she starts screaming she never stops. She had so many opportunities to do something smart and constructive. Instead she keeps screwing up and screaming like a lunatic to a point it got on my nerves. Why oh why should I root for her? She fared much better in Mayhem which is a title I can recommend wholeheartedly.

It was nice seeing Mark O'Brien though. I couldn't put my finger on it until I realized he was Des from Republic of Doyle. He really has done well for himself. I hope he keeps on landing roles like these. He deserves it!

Ready or Not starts with real promise but then descends into the kind of badness even franchises like Sharknado doesn't want to be associated with. Do yourself a favour and skip this one. It's utterly disappointing and pointless.

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