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Review She Sees Red (Interactive Thriller) PC: Fun as a mini thriller, but as a game it falls short!

genre: interactive movie, adventure
platform: pc
year: 2019

She Sees Red actually looks and feels like an old school high budget FMV game. Except this is an indie title with a low budget where a lot of gameplay has been stripped out.

This interactive movie has a lot going for itself. The production values are considerate. And the actors actually are really good. Especially lead Veronika Plyashkevich impresses. Certainly looks like she had fun. The story manages to have some impact since you are encouraged to replay the basically half hour film. These other branches so to speak explain some actions and motives you would have otherwise missed. I definitely liked the twists and turns this little movie offered. 

That being said the biggest flaw this game has that it's not that much of a game. You are prompted to make a choice without giving you time or hint to respond with thought. I personally don't like this one bit. However due to the short length of this interactive film it never becomes bothersome. There were some scenes depicted where a lot more interactivity could have been put in place. A little game called Urban Runner is a very good example how that could have been achieved. I guess they wanted to keep things more simple. Which is fine but why not then give us more prompts and choices? Several times I expected a prompt to come where logically speaking they would have made sense. And I really would not have minded some puzzles to build up more mystery and tension. 

As a game this clearly falls short. However as an interactive film this shows promise and potential. The good acting and direction really helped in getting you invested. If one day they are able to combine that with more gameplay I certainly would come back to this genre I rarely play these days.   

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