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Review Angel Has Fallen (2019): Weakest in the franchise but still very enjoyable!

genre: action, thriller

Not going to lie, both Olympus has Fallen and London has Fallen are guilty pleasures of mine. London more than Olympus since that one rocked big time action wise. Sure story wise it was ridiculous but so what? As long as the action is good you won't hear me complaining.

Compared to previous films Angel has Fallen definitely takes a nose dive into B film territory. Even the story comes straight out of a lower class B film. It also looked like that Gerard Butler either didn't age that well or couldn't be bothered to work out for his role. It doesn't matter much since even him not doing his best is entertaining. First and foremost the focus is on the action. And that is as fun and as exciting one would expect. Nowhere near as strong or impacting as London has Fallen. But let's be honest here. How could one ever top that B film grandness. It was ludicrous to the tenth power. Now some took offence to that and had cried murder. It looks like the producers listened and toned down the fantasy elements and made it more " realistic ". Immediately proving my point that without the insanity the film is less fun. 

Although there still is a little craziness left personified by a very old Nick Nolte. He steals every scene he is in and has real good chemistry with Gerard. He provides most of the laughs and some sincere dramatic moments. I do wonder what sparked the idea to have him appear. In any case it's a real joy to see him on screen again.

I do have one complaint and that is the continuity issue. In the first two films Aaron Eckhart played the president. Now I understand that this film takes place many years after the events of those films. But still would it have hurt to at least have one scene explaining how Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) became the president? If Benjamin Asher is still alive he technically could and should have played a role in this sequel. Actually that would have made more sense story wise since who would Mike Banning turn to in his hour of need? If he died they should have had a dialogue about him. Granted this is not that big of a deal but it would have improved the story a lot.

In any case Angel has Fallen delivers on the action front and if by now you were expecting more than that you are a fool!

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