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Review Ma (2019): Octavia Spencer is killing it!

genre: thriller, horror

Usually I am the first one to criticize a film for not being fresh and creative enough especially when it comes to thrillers and horrors. However I am also one who can enjoy the ones who have more to offer than just the usual. And Ma is certainly one of those.

Of course Ma is going to be predictable. At this point it is hard to make a thriller like this and be completely surprising. However there is one thing that elevates this film and that is Octavia Spencer. Perhaps two things but those are tied together. It's not that challenging to play a deranged or psychopathic killer. But to portray one who is more than insane and even likable at times is hard. Octavia Spencer has given Sue Ann, 'Ma", some depth, soul and complexity. Some of the reasons and motivations for her actions are very understandable. What these are I won't spoil but they are significant. In her mind she is basically doing the right thing. Even when doing that is causing other people pain, misery or worse. 

Sue Ann is far from happy, lonely and very desperate. Now one could argue if she did enough to socialize and meet people. But I would like to think if she just met that one person who was nice to her then maybe she could let go of her hate and resentment towards people. However in the film there is only one person who is nice to her but somehow Sue Ann is blind to it because she is so angry and bitter. All the other people sorry to say are pretty deplorable. Instead of being humane and caring they are selfish and use Sue Ann. Now Sue Ann lets herself be used for her own purpose. And don't think otherwise. Still the optimist inside me can't help but think she subconsciously was seeking friendship. None of the teens she supposedly befriended really liked her. In their defense Sue Ann is quite erratic and quirky  but with a little patience they could have gotten through to her. To be fair can you expect teens to be patient? Sue Ann perhaps has some unreasonable expectations. 

In any case most of the people in the film aren't really deserving of much love and I certainly was rooting for Sue Ann to give them what they had coming. Yes, Octavia was that convincing. A must watch if you ask me!

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