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Review Room for Rent (2019), How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019), Fighting with my Family (2019) and many others.

These quick short reviews are intended to let you know whether they are worth your time or not. More elaborate or in depths reviews will follow when deemed necessary.

Room for Rent (2019)

Room for Rent very cleverly plays around with your emotions but like with most thrillers will go into a direction that is quite dark and sinister. Lin Shaye most famous for her role in the Insidious films confronts you with some truths regarding old age, loneliness and other subjects. For the most part a very simple but very effective thriller. 

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

The third part in the franchise definitely is an incredibly beautiful film to look at. And yes also backs that up with many feel good and touching moments you would expect. However the pacing is uneven as it drags in parts and also lacks the wit and comedy the previous films contained. The story just wasn't interesting and didn't even tie in that well with the earlier films. Overall still enjoyable but a step down from the first two.

Fighting with my Family (2019)

I am  a real sucker for feelgood films. However they do have to bring you on a journey you can relate to. This one seems like it has the necessary elements but just the bare minimum with very little effort. It's fun to see someone overcome hardships after they have struggled. Yet here the struggle is mostly absent. Or not explored that elaborately. Florence Pugh and Jack Lowden tried their hardest to work with what they had been given. And that definitely is why you would want to keep watching. But everything else feels so forced and fake. Even if you are into WWE and such I doubt that this film actually has a lot to offer. It's even low on laughs. Most of them are reserved for The Rock who produced this and thought the story about this family was worth making into a film. I beg to differ. Don't get me wrong. I liked the ending. But not how they got there. 

What Men Want (2019)

You guessed it. This is the opposite of What Women Want (the one with Mel Gibson). Only this time it's Taraji P. Henson who is able to hear what men think. It certainly provides enough laughs but like many films today drags too much because of it's duration and not having the substance to make up for it. I liked it but I can understand that this is not for everyone.

Peppermint (2018)

One I avoided since it felt like it was going to be a lesser Death Wish or Taken with a female character instead of Bruce Willis or Liam Neeson. However I was pleasantly surprised that Jennifer Garner managed to outclass both Bruce and Liam in an enjoyable action / revenge flick that is far superior to the crap they have been in lately. A must watch!

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

It has it's moments but feels like it is trying to hard to relate to current trends on social media and the people who use these social media. Apart from that it repeats the same old themes of animated films without providing the wit or jokes. A bit of a letdown. 

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Groundbreaking? Funny? Say What? This comedy or should I say romcom is very low on laughs and seems to focus more on drama than similar films in the genre. I honestly don't understand the praise this film has been getting. Here I was expecting to be dazzled by clever jokes and social commentary and all I got was cliché after cliché that wasn't even explained that well. Most of the arguments of why a certain woman wasn't wife material was never explored to the fullest. I get it. If you are filthy rich then maybe you have a very good reason to fear gold diggers and low lives. But to then not even take the time to get to know what a person is about or ask your son why he wants to marry this woman is preposterous. Sure some will claim that these cultural differences exist and are real. Then again how many people are actually as rich as the rich family portrayed in this film? Crazy Rich Asians is a missed opportunity to show the real issues when it comes to love and marriage in certain Asian countries. It could and should have gone far deeper and definitely needed more laughs to make a real impression. In short: Don't believe the hype! 

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