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Review The Intruder (2019): Sure it's predictable but don't let that stop you since it's a lot of fun!

genre: thriller, mystery, drama

The Intruder is not one of those thrillers that is dependent of twists and turns. While it does have some it's mostly laid out for you pretty thick. It's not a matter of who is going to snap but when Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) is going to snap.

Scott (Michael Ealy) and Annie Russel (Meagan Good) want to buy a house. Or actually Annie wants it desperately and Scott therefore feels compelled to buy it. He is pretty hesitant and critical of almost every house they visit. Except one. Since it resonates with her. Charlie Peck the owner of the house picks up on this and tries to persuade the couple to purchase the house. Scott realizes he has no choice but to give in. Soon after they move in. And it's then when Annie tells Scott that Charlie Peck is mowing their lawn.  He was supposed to leave to Florida to live with his daughter but apparently finds it hard to part with his house. Scott finds this utterly weird and is creeped out by this. Annie however sympathizes with Charlie since she senses he must be very lonely especially after his wife died. One might say Annie is a little naive. However that is not entirely true. She secretly is attracted to Charlie. Because he is a manly man according to her friend. 

Whatever the reason Charlie Peck keeps coming back to the house and has real trouble accepting the changes Scott and Annie made to the house. Since he very clearly feels it still his house. Increasingly things start to get real tense and dangerous. The Intruder never pretends to be more than it is. However it's one that heavily relies on one man. Dennis Quaid. He very slowly builds up the craziness but also knows when to play it normal and cool to make you doubt. He even manages to make you care for him at times. But when he is full on weird and psycho he completely lets loose. Incredibly terrifying but such a joy! Why it's terrifying? Because there are enough people like Charlie Peck who have a screw loose but seem very normal.

The Intruder is a real blast from start to finish and definitely a must watch. It might not break new grounds but Dennis Quaid as a psycho is a real revelation.

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