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Review Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017): What is wrong with you people, this is not good by any means!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

Before I share my thoughts with you I have to state that I am a huge film fan. I have been watching and loving films for a very long time now. Very very very long time. I have learned to appreciate films in all shapes and forms. In general I want films to be entertaining or at least offer me food for thought. This means I always try to look for the good elements first before I dig into the bad ones. But if I am unable to find good elements then there is only one truth. The film is awful. The Last Jedi is one of those films. It has very little to no redeeming qualities. It's so bad that I am completely baffled and stunned. How any one can think this is a good film is beyond me. The Force Awakens already was disappointing for me but it at least was entertaining. The Last Jedi can't even be bothered to give me that.

Where to begin? Story. What story? There barely is one. The resistance are trying to flee from the First Order and Rey is seeking training and guidance from Luke Skywalker. That is it. That's the whole story. No attempt is made to answer the few questions raised in The Force Awakens. Actually director Rian Johnson deliberately destroyed story elements and characters so that he could surprise us. If that was his aim then I most likely would have accepted that since I do love me some good twists and turns. Especially if they are real dark and daring. However Rian Johnson barely takes risks. Instead he opts to mock everything decent about Star Wars. No world building, no character development, And too many ridiculous moments that made it seem like I was watching Spaceballs. Although let be clear I love Spaceballs. It was sharp, funny and very respectful of it's source material. The Last Jedi is not respectful in the slightest. Johnson claims to be a big Star Wars fan. It' s so obvious he isn't. The way he treats the characters, old and new, is despicable. If you want me to buy the actions of the characters you have to sell it to me. Give good motivations story wise to make it believable. Here things just happen because it's convenient for the plot.

But what is even worse that The Last Jedi is not entertaining in the slightest. The spectacle was underwhelming. Nice visuals for sure but what is the point of those if you don't make them interesting. There are some scenes that clearly were set up to be dramatic. But I didn't care. I wanted to, I really did. But I didn't. I was never made to care. Things just happen without giving you an emotional component to get invested in. For every serious line uttered a joke is forced in to detract from that serious moment. Why? Not even parodies do that. None of the action was exciting. It easily could have been. Especially at the end. But like I said Rian Johnson preferred mocking everything Star Wars instead us giving us something original,deep or plain fun. You want some cool and lightsaber battles? Forget about it. Proper use of the Force? Come on, you want Rian Johnson to follow established rules? You want more Luke Skywalker? Gotcha! But the whole film lacked suspense and thrills. There wasn't a single scene where I was put on the edge in fear of characters dying since we hardly know them or like I said aren't made to care about them. Then what is the point.

As you might have noticed I avoided spoilers and normally I always do my best to avoid them but if I feel warranted I do go into those. Now I simply did not feel like talking about them since there are so many things wrong with The Last Jedi I would need pages to describe the mistakes and my anger concerning those mistakes. I would literally put more thought and effort into this film than Rian Johnson and co who got paid big amounts of money for doing so. Excluding the technical people though. They obviously put a lot of work into it. I don't know about you but I am not going to waste my precious time in listing all that is wrong with this film. It's just not worth it.

The Last Jedi is easily the worst Star Wars film ever made. It's not even a good film if you overlook and forget it's a Star Wars film. So do yourself a favour and avoid this like the plague. Don't believe the good reviews. They aren't sincere or true.  I don't know what those reviewers and critics think they will gain by selling out their soul like that especially for a film this awful. But I can assure you that they have been lying to you. The Last Jedi has no heart and it lacks magic. And it's no fun at all apart from a few real funny moments provided by BB-8. Perhaps even that one scene where the Porgs emotionally blackmail Chewbacca from eating his dinner. Granted he had roasted one of them still it's not like he could have revived it. There is no hope of this franchise ever becoming good again. 

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