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Review The Snowman (2017): How not to do an adaptation of a best selling crime novel!

genre: crime, drama, thriller

The Snowman is a best selling novel written by Jo Nesbø. It's one of many in a book series featuring main character Harry Hole in this film played by Michael Fassbender. He is a brilliant detective in the same vein as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Why I mention this? Since the trailer gives you the wrong idea of what to expect. It makes it seem like this is a fast paced on the edge of your seat thriller while in truth it's slow burning crime drama with very little surprises.

Now I don't mind crime drama's. Actually I like the majority of British style ones where the story is more about the characters and their motivations than the thrills and action. However most of them do maintain a level of suspense to keep you interested whereas The Snowman lost me after thirty minutes or so. You get to meet a lot of characters and I am assuming they are there to serve as red herrings. Except not a whole lot is done to make it plausible. Especially since you don't get to know the characters well. Even Harry Hole remains a mystery. Why is he an alcoholic? What are his demons? And for someone who is supposed to be brilliant it sure takes him a long time to figure out certain things. For the most part he is like a zombie who is waiting for a case to fall in his lap. And when it does he instantly dismisses it as just a regular missing persons case. This is after he told his best friend he would do better if he could sink his teeth in a murder case. You would think that he at least would do some more investigating before he would go back to being a zombie. I like Michael Fassbender but seriously it's boring to watch a man do nothing. It would be different if he was shown to be thinking and deducing. At least that would indicate a little better that he cared.

There is nothing interesting about the murderer and his motivations. I have seen enough episodes of Criminal Minds that have done more in half the time. In the end The Snowman is a pretty predictable affair with very little to no impact.

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