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Review The Last Boy Scout (1991): A Nineties Classic!

genre: action, crime, comedy

There was a time Bruce Willis took film making a little more seriously. And you knew that if he was in the film you were guaranteed to have a top notch experience. Director Tony Scott also could do no wrong and together they provided some real banging fireworks.

Mind you The Last Boy Scout is far from perfect. The plot written by Shane Black is pretty weak and messy. It's a little convoluted for it's own good without actually paying it off with real nice twists and turns. It doesn't matter much because it does provide the context to make the action more intense. Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis)  is a P.I. who is handed over a case from supposed friend Mike Matthews (Bruce McGill). It's at this time that things are starting to go very badly for him. Not that he is a stranger to such bad luck since things haven't been going well since he got fired from the Secret Service. He didn't take it well and because of it has lost touch with his wife and daughter. Jimmy DIx a former football player  (Damon Wayans) also gets involved through his girlfriend Cory (Halle Berry) who gets killed. Dix and Hallenbeck team up to solve the cases and find the people behnd this killing which brings them from one bad situation to another. Most fun comes from the dynamics between them and how they deal with the unfortunate events. Both are extremely likeable characters because they want to be just and good.

The action is violent and stylish. While it almost seems like a non stop action film the action scenes themselves don't last that long since they get interrupted by the bickering and banter between Willis and every other character in this film. But those are the moments that give this film it's classic status since it never gets old.

The Last Boy Scout is one of those old school action flicks where the violence was unapologetic and relentless. They sure don't make them like this any more.

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