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Shutting down the entire internet? / Arrow " Reversal " (S06E04).

Before you read any further be aware that this will contain spoilers. I will try to limit it as much as possible. Still I can't guarantee it. So you are warned.

Arrow is one of my favourite TV Shows currently despite it's flaws. But today I couldn't contain my laughter because of the sheer stupidity displayed in this episode. A prominent actor from shows like Lost and Person of Interest makes his first appearance in the show and one of his acts is undoubtedly one of the most stupid things ever. You would think that this somebody would know a little more about the interwebs and everything tied to it compared to the average person. Apparently some actors do limit themselves by just learning dialogue and not delving deeper into the mindset of the persons they are portraying.  Then there are whiz kids Felicity and Curtis who go with it like it is actually a real thing. Preposterous.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can't shut down the entire internet. I repeat, you can't shut down the entire internet. The internet is not contained in one place as Arrow suggests. It's a collection of many independent networks controlled and maintained by different people, businesses, and governments. It is possible to shut down parts of these networks but usually they have backups in place so apart from the few malfunctions on occasion the internet will still function as it should.

There is a slight chance the writers of Arrow were fully aware and that it was intended as a joke. However they forgot to make it clear like in the black box scene in The IT Crowd that there is no such thing as a black box that can shut down the internet.

As for the rest of the episode. It was interesting to see the roles of Oliver and Felicity reversed. But I still like Oliver better as the Green Arrow. So hopefully he will get back into action soon.

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