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Review Security (2017): Die Hard in a shopping mall with Antonio Banderas / One of the better clones!

genre: action, crime, thriller, die hard clones

Security might seem like a dime in a dozen B action thriller but it's easily is one of the better ones in the category. Why? Because it knows what it is and sticks to the basics as it should.

There is just about enough story and characterization for you to care about Eddie (Antonio Banderas) and his colleagues but nothing else that could detract from action and thrills. Of course Security is a predictable affair. It's basically Die Hard in a shopping mall. Still it manages to evoke emotion since most of the good guys are likable and the villains are infinitely ruthless. Head honcho Charlie played by Ben Kingsley is not particularly interesting but he is adequate enough. Although I had wished Ben would have at least tried. He obviously is not putting in any effort. Fortunately Antonio takes things more seriously and he gives the film exactly that amount of weight it needs. On top of that he shines as the reluctant hero who shows glimpses of his Desperado character. I wished he would do more action films since he truly excels in them but I guess those roles aren't interesting for him to do. Which brings me to the action. Surprisingly the action is choreographed well as it is hard hitting and exciting. More importantly, you don't have to wait long for it to start. The pacing is really good and the film is the right length. (Just to be clear. I don't have a short attention span. However I do think that a lot of contemporary movies often don't have the substance or content to backup their long duration. In most cases these films are artificially prolonged  and do more damage than good.)

Overall Security is one of the better Die Hard clones that never outstays it welcome and is fun and entertaining. Certainly one that will provide a good time as long as it lasts.

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