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Review Shoot 'Em Up (2007): Heavy metal loving baby, lactating hooker, carrot eating hero and lots of Gun Fu! How can you not love this film?

genre: action, comedy, crime, gun fu

Michael Davis got the idea for the film when he was watching John Woo's Hard Boiled where in one of the scenes the hero is carrying a baby while shooting thugs. He thought he could stretch that bit to a complete movie. He did and then some.

Very probably you have never heard of Michael Davis since he is not a big name which is a bloody shame because he is a very talented film maker who deserves better. Although this is solely judged on this film. As you might have guessed Shoot 'Em Up is heavily influenced by Hong Kong cinema. And how can it not be? Every film fan and good film maker knows that Hong Kong was the best when it came to action. If you are familiar with my website I mention this from time to time as to remind people of this fact. In any case this film is filled with awesome, brutal and stylish gun fu coated in a very thick cartoony vibe. Even when the film can be very violent and crude it is hard to take the film seriously since the entire film is meant to be one big joke. I mean our hero Smith (played by Clive Owen) starts up events by killing a man with a carrot and delivering a baby while shooting at bad guys. If you take that seriously you have some real issues and you need to seek help.

Clive Owen is a versatile actor and while he certainly can pull off action heroes he would be the last guy I would expect to do something like this. But Clive Owen is magnificent as the anti-hero with a conscience since he acts like he has been doing these kinds of roles all his life. He injects the right balance of humour and seriousness into the film making you accept all the ridiculous and over the top things going on. Monica Belluci plays a more conventional role as a damsel in distress if not for the fact that she at the same time is a very tragic figure who has more going on than you initially think. She is more than eye candy. Her chemistry with Clive Owen was great and you totally believe them as an instant couple. Paul Giamatti as villain is quite an odd choice. Yet his acting chops make you accept him as one. The scenes where he attempts to remain as cool and professional as possible even when he and his goons fail to best Smith are hilarious. He basically is Elmer Fudd. Smith confirms this by asking him that famous Bugs Bunny question: "What's up Doc?"

Shoot 'Em Up is a funny and stylistic action flick that you can watch over and over again without getting bored. A must watch and own for sure.

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