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Review Clown (2014): It's very unlikely that this clown will haunt you in your dreams!

genre: horror, thriller

There used to be a time I really liked clowns. Still do actually. Those killer clowns though freak me out. Something very unsettling about them dressed all goofy and funny yet able to commit cold blooded murder and other evil things. Naturally this is all in our head and we make them scarier than they actually are.

In the case of Clown (very creative title I must say) the clown is more than a deranged killer dressed up as a funny man. He is the manifestation of pure evil from way back then stuck in this old clown suit who needs to feed from time to time. I thought this was a nice and fresh approach and could have turned into something amazing. It didn't. Because Clown fails to be scary. The clown eventually does look creepy but far too late for you to care. This would not have been a problem if director Jon Watts (Spiderman: Homecoming) had stuck to the basics of horror. Like building up tension and dread or suspense. Instead you will get a little gore and blood. Nothing wrong with that since sometimes that can work as well but then you have to commit to it and dare to take it to the next level. You have to use the imagery to shock us. Here that never happens. In several scenes we see the clown feasting on his victims and it never is bothersome or disturbing. Often because it lacks the tension or emotional context to make an impact. But also because you don't really get to enjoy the gore since most of it happens in the dark or off screen. The cast also do a poor job of conveying the terror especially Laura Allen as her character acts like a buffoon who keeps ignoring the obvious. It's very frustrating to have sympathy for her and other characters because they don't act like real people. They display one or two emotions and it gets annoying real fast.

Like I said the premise was interesting and really could have been a start of a franchise even if handled correctly. Now it's just bad and boring. If anything this might cure you of fear for clowns since this one very unlikely will haunt you in your dreams.

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1 comment:

Peter Pluymers said...

Well my thoughts were a bit the same. Nice idea but not scary at all !




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