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Review John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017): Non stop Hong Kong type of action not from Hong Kong!

genre: action, crime, gun fu

There was a time you got overwhelmed with all kinds of B action flicks from Hong Kong and Hollywood and you were desperately trying to catch up to them. Simple, brainless films that were fun and nothing else. Every weekend you got your action fix so that you could last a whole week of boredom or stress in school or at work. Now those B action flicks are hardly being made. And the ones that have been produced usually are immensely bad. I am excluding TV Shows since not all of us have time to watch and follow all of those.)

But then Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski gave us John Wick to satisfy the action aficionado's needs. How glorious it was. It is therefore not surprising to me that they decided to make a sequel. Everything about John Wick clicked. The characters, the no nonsense plot and the action. It was one of those movies you actually never wanted to end. All you wanted was more of it. And by God that is what you get. More of the marvelous action and ludicrous world where most assassins have to follow certain rules and codes and more blood. Like the original most events are relative and mixed with a big sense of humour while never sacrificing the tension and thrills. It always feels like there is a lot at stake. That is not as easy at they have made it seem so kudos to Chad for accomplishing this. And what a thrill ride! John Wick: Chapter 2 doesn't a waste a single second and immediately starts with the action which rarely lets up so that you and John (Keanu Reeves) get a chance to breathe. The gun fu is very strong in this film. It's pure joy to see John kill his enemies with his guns like they are his fists. Especially since this time around the number of his opponents has increased and they are far more qualified and skilled than in the first John Wick. A little tough for John but a delight for the viewer.

One thing you have to keep in mind that the John Wick films are made for mostly action film aficionados. It's not that big on story or mythology although it has created an interesting world with equally interesting characters to make everything more compelling. That and style. Yes, it is style over substance. Sometimes that is a good thing. 

A must watch!

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