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Review John Wick (2014): It's exciting and never boring!.

genre: action, thriller

John Wick is a prime example how little plot you need when you make an action film. You just need enough to set up the world and the rules they live by. 

And you need that one scene to put events into motion. We get to know the characters through the few interactions they have. You know who you can and should root for and who not. All the focus has been put on the action and it is noticeable. It is choreographed well. It's exciting and never boring. Of course you have to suspend a little disbelief of why villains fail to kill main character even when they have many opportunities to do so. But you could dismiss that and blame it on their incompetence or stupidity. Keanu Reeves looks and acts the part and you can't wait to find out what he has in store once he unleashes his true self. Now I have to admit I was expecting a little more fierceness and brutality on his part. However contrary to what the villains in this film were saying John Wick was not merciless or ruthless. He does not kill innocents. He as many others in his profession lived by a code and respected that code. It is that one element that I always have found fascinating. John Wick has an incredible fast pace and doesn't distract us with unnecessary sub plots or anything that could detract from the simple main plot. And as you can see it is incredible effective. This is how action movies should be. I personally can't get enough of movies like these. Actually I was hoping The Equalizer would be more like this. But it wasn't. 

So overall I am incredibly happy to find out that there still are a few Hollywood film makers out there directors who know how to make no nonsense action movies. A must watch if you love action!

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