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8 best horror films of 2016

The following list is based on the horror films of 2016 I have seen thus far and it is very possible that I will add or change it in the future. There were quite a few titles that did not meet my requirements. I mean the elements that are the most important for me when it comes to this genre. Like proper buildup of dread, terror and suspense. So do feel free to comment and mention the titles you think belong here. In my opinion the titles I have picked are all worth your while since they at least are fresh enough or offer that horror goodness we crave. Also there is no specific order to the titles I mention. Click on the posters for the full reviews.

* Rupture does a good job of fooling you what it is about and it's absolutely thrilling.

* The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a real chiller since it also makes you think you know what is going to happen and then comes at you from a different angle. 

* The Void doesn't waste time to put some dread into you and was a very pleasant surprise.

* Split is a masterclass of chills, thrills and building a .....(nope you will have to watch the film to fill    in these blanks.)

* Incarnate combines elements from The Cell, Inception and The Exorcist. Do I really need to convince you that it's awesome?

* Ouija: Origin of Evil is a rare case where the sequel is superior to the original (not that I have seen the original but come on that is kinda obvious yes?)

* Don't Knock Twice will feed your hunger for good horror (for at least an hour). 

Train to Busan is proof that it's still possible to make good zombie film that stands out from the trillion mediocre and bad ones.


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