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Review Angel Terminators II a.k.a. The Best of the Lady Kickboxer a.k.a. Huo zhong (1993)

genre: girls with guns

It is a mystery to me why they would call these women Angel Terminators. Sure they are not to be messed with and could be very deadly (aren't most women though? JOKE!). Seriously though with such a title you raise certain expectations. So how does this sequel fare compared to the original?

Well, it's slightly better. Plus it has three names who usually are very dependable and deliver the action goodness you expect. Moon Lee, Sibelle Hu and Yukari Ă”shima. What, all three in one film? I am so going to watch and enjoy this. My thoughts exactly, and unfortunately even they could not save this film from drowning in the mess created by the two directors. Most of the action is decent enough but never becomes truly impressive. Yukari and Moon mostly stick to fighting, and Sibelle does the shooting. As to be expected the plot is not that interesting, however it does manage to make all the characters unlikeable. Which is very impressive if you ask me. It makes it real hard to root for them and thus makes the action dull and pointless. Dude, aren't you the one who keeps saying that plot does not matter and that it should be all action? Yes, I do believe that in the girls with guns genre you should not waste that much time with plot. However, it should be in service of the action, meaning that it has to make the fights and shoot-outs more exciting. Which is not the case here. And the action scenes have to have some style to them, or at least be choreographed well. Angel Terminators II is also lacking in that department. Real shame if you ask me, since all of what these directors had to do was let these deadly women do their thing. 

I wish I could tell you that this film is worth your time. Even if you would skip on the story and just focus on the action. But it's not. There simply is no fun to be had. (I read a review in which it was said that this was better than Iron Angels. I am not sure how he came to that conclusion. Iron Angels is 300 times better than this.)

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