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Review SuperBob (2015): Charming comedy that is packed with substance if you are willing to go a little deeper!

genre: comedy, romance

A romantic comedy featuring a superhero named Bob. And yes it is as charming as that sounds. 

Bob is a normal guy who by accident has gotten super powers. But just because he gets these amazing powers doesn't automatically change him. He still is the same guy who apart from the worldly events worries about the same things as most people would. Like his taxes and paying his electric bill. On top of that Bob is incredibly timid and shy. Consequence that he is lonely. He let's people take advantage of him because he does have a good nature. His lack of confidence is one of the reasons why he hasn't got a girlfriend yet. The other is that the British government has claimed him and basically decide how he should live his life. That is until the day he is about to date June (Laura Haddock). 

You would not say this at first but a lot is packed into this film. Only most of it is approached very subtly so that it never gets pushy or preachy. You could see this as a parody on the superheroes popular today but there is much more if you are willing to dig deeper. Examples: criticism on America, relationship issues and why it is hard for some people to connect to others, corruption and abuse of power, feeling helpless. But of course the majority of the focus lies on romance. For a film with a duration of 82 minutes that is quite a lot of substance wouldn't you say? However it's the earnest and endearing delivery of all these subjects that makes SuperBob so fascinating. We can relate to Bob and you want him to succeed in every way he can. 

SuperBob truly is hilarious. Because it pays attention to things we normally overlook in superhero films. It's a fresh and different perspective that is very welcome and makes you forget that it is not action packed or full of eye candy. In that sense it slightly reminded me of The Specials only SuperBob is far superior and far more entertaining. 

SuperBob deserves a lot more praise than it has be getting so far and is more than just a simple romcom. Do give this a chance. I recommend this wholeheartedly!

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