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Review Fatal Mission a.k.a. Finalgate a.k.a. Pu guang ren wu (1991)

genre: action, crime

Fatal Mission (or Final Gate) is a movie that is hard to watch. In essence it is one of the so many action movies made in the eighties and nineties that Hong Kong is famous for. And usually these movies have something to offer. The problem with this movie is that it is trying to be more than it actually is. For a thriller this movie lacks serious tension or excitement. Even the drama bits are difficult to digest because of the bad English dubbing (at least in the DVD version I got to see). I am not saying that the movie would have improved much if the original Cantonese language was used. Since it is obvious that the acting is bad. Saskia van Rijswijk who was excellent in China White has a much bigger role as a corrupt cop who goes from bad to worse. At one point in the movie it becomes apparent that she is a head case. Now I don't know if it was the director's intention to evoke some interest or sympathy for her character but in my opinion she has way to much screen time. If the scenes displayed more of her skill as a kickboxer than I wouldn't have any trouble with it. But why would I want to see Saskia act? I think I speak for most of the fans that we want Saskia to kick butt and beyond. This lack of action is what ultimately kills the movie. The one decent action scene at the finale is much too short and comes too late to save this movie. 

Save the agony and avoid this movie.

Watch this German trailer for fun. Like most trailers it makes it seem like Fatal Mission is a non stop action film. But it's the exact opposite.

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