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Review Daredevil Season 1 (2015- ): Took me 5 episodes to really get into it. And yes it's good but deserving of the ridiculous high praise? I don't think so!

genre: action, crime, comic book adaptation, super hero

When I received news that a TV Show of Daredevil was in the works I was very curious of how it was going to be. I am probably one of the few people who liked the film featuring Ben Affleck. Granted it was the director's cut that was vastly superior to the theatrical cut. Apparently they had butchered that version too much and is one of the reasons why that flick is so hated. In any case I was ready to embrace the show and would not mind for it to be similar to the film. Although I had a suspicion they would do things very differently. 

So what exactly is different? First of all this is more a crime show than it is a super hero show. A lot of attention is given to Wilson Fisk marvelously portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio so that you get to see a much more fleshed out villain. Perhaps a little too much since at one point we know more about him than our main character Matt Murdock. In fact a lot of attention is paid to other characters in the show which is something I applaud. 

But it detracts from showing the heroic deeds of Matt Murdock. We only get to see him in action when it concerns his quest to catch the big man behind the curtains. I think they should have shown more of his crime fighting unrelated to that because that would show he is not as selfish as he appears.

One major difference is the tone. For a Marvel production it's a little dark and too realistic. By that I mean it's less fantastic which is a little odd since the show does take place in the same universe as that of the Avengers. 

Are these differences good or bad? For me it did not matter that much. I could go with the darker tone and the violence. But what was really hard to stomach was the pacing of the show. Daredevil is incredibly slow. It takes it's sweet time to unfold events and requires you to be incredibly patient. Don't get discouraged by the slowness of the first episodes. It took me around 5 episodes to really get into it. However I do want to say that you should keep your expectations low. The show does reward you for your patience but it is not nearly as gratifying as most of the people would have you believe. Daredevil is devoid of real surprises. It is incredibly predictable and almost insulting that they need so much time to tell the little story that gets laid out to you.  But you do get some feel good moments very typical of super hero films and shows. And that for me is always worth it. 

Don't believe the hype. The amount of praise this show is getting is simply ridiculous. No doubt that this is a good show. But it is not that good. It is adequate, entertaining and it does have moments that are very awesome. Only it is not nearly as exciting and exhilarating as the majority of people make it out to be. It rarely puts you on the edge of your seat. There aren't real twists and turns. The action is not always that spectacular. But even if I would purely go for the characterization and drama there is not that much to experience. Maybe I am cursed having seen far too many movies and tv shows and that it is really hard to impress me crime drama wise. Then again a show like Person of Interest for example manages to be more than a crime fighting show and is able to dazzle me with ease. 

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