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Review The Punisher Season 2: mmm....I liked it but got to say that this would have been a stronger season had it been cut with 5 episodes!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, crime

Like with the other Marvel shows that have been released on Netflix there are plenty of good moments and there are many slow moments. One could argue that this is done to build up suspense and momentum. But let us all be real here. That of course is not the real reason. For some reason Netflix was determined for the seasons to be consisting of 13 episodes and in my opinion detracts from the viewing experience considerably.

So how was it to see Frank Castle return on the screen? Well, it looks like he is far more comfortable being The Punisher and has very little qualms to continue the path he is on. What I really liked about this second season is that returning characters from the first season basically have come to terms with who Frank Castle truly is. A good man who has a very definitive way of dealing justice. It's a real joy to see Frank being deadly. Naturally it's very cathartic and therapeutic. 

However there also were plenty of elements I wasn't too fond of. While The Pilgrim seemed like a formidable antagonist I found his arc to be a little underwhelming. Not bad but just falls short of what they had been building up to. Then there is the return of Ben Barnes as Jigsaw. On paper he should have been a real threat to Castle. However he rarely manages to have a true impact on events. Compared to The Pilgrim his arc was incredibly disappointing. First of all this version of Jigsaw looks nothing like the ones from Punisher Warzone or the comic books. Even with the cuts he is far from disfigured. He probably would even be more attractive to some women because of his kinda bad boy look. But does he look dangerous? Not by a long shot. Does this mean he shouldn't be underestimated? Seeing how he knows Castle pretty well and is a skilled soldier himself he easily could have beaten Castle. Except he is too busy finding out why Frank turned on him. When he finds out he does very little with it. He doesn't show an ounce of remorse. Had he done so and still felt compelled to kill his brother in arms that would have been interesting. Now he is just too big of a distraction as if they were aware there wasn't enough plot to propel Frank into Punisher mode.

Don't you worry though. All of the action is top notch and highly enjoyable. So it is worth it to sit through the slower moments since you will get rewarded. But I would have preferred had they cut at least 5 episodes. Since that would have made this a stronger season.

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