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Review 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (2015): Die Hard in a police station / Decent enough!

genre: action, crime, die hard clone

The third part in the 12 Rounds franchise and it is overall decent. However don't expect too much.

This obvious Die Hard Clone is pretty predictable and average compared to other similar films. Nothing really stands out. It is competent for sure but that is all the praise I can give. Because apart from me not disliking this I did not have as much fun as I could have. And one of the biggest reasons is the main character Shaw played by Dean Ambrose. He looks like he can handle action quite well and I would expect nothing less from a WWE wrestler. However in this film he lacked charm and a personality. There was absolutely nothing aside from the way the plot worked in his favour to make me root for him. I could barely understand what he was saying and if I could it was not particularly interesting. He was never funny or quirky. He was just bland. At least the main villain Burke played by Roger R. Cross made it somewhat interesting. Although he and his comrades were downright villainous and never were sympathetic. Normally good versus bad works well in a Die Hard Clone. In this case though it would have been more thrilling if the corrupt cops were more likable and showed some compassion towards their fellow cops. It would have added a little substance. 

If you like me are searching for Die Hard Clones then this is one to check out. Do keep in mind though that 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown is lacking a lot to make it truly outstanding and fun. It takes itself far too seriously and holds back too much.

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