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Review Entourage (2015): Well I'll be damned I actually liked it

genre: comedy

This is the first time I got to witness Jeremy Piven as the great Ari Gold in action. And it was magnificent. I wasn't expecting a lot but I really thought this film was very funny. So funny in fact that I am going to check out the show as soon as I can.

This will immediately answer the pressing question if you need to have watched the show prior this movie. No. You really don't have to. Of course maybe some little things might pass you by. But more than enough is happening to give you an idea of what the main characters are about. Mind you not a whole lot is happening. Still the little sub plots that are present are amusing. Then there is the small but nice role of Haley Joel Osment as Travis McCredle. Let's go into that. The once cute child actor obviously has matured. But somehow only his body did while the face still is the same. Resulting him looking like a bearded lady from the circus. I had to speak out about this since it is very hard to avoid and overlook. However once you get past this you will see that he has made good on his promise ever since The Sixth Sense. He is an incredible actor and seems like he can handle any role they throw at him. The real scene stealer of course is Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold. Whenever he was on the screen you know you are going to laugh. It is delightful when a comedy actually does that. 

I actually wasn't expecting to like this but I did. Not saying this is a masterpiece or anything but it does what it is supposed to and make you laugh. So well worth your time.

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