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Mini reviews of Admission (2013), Autómata (2014) and Superfast! (2015)

Usually I try to review a film immediately after watching it. Often though things come in between and then I forget to give you my thoughts. It could also be that I don't know exactly what to say about a film since they aren't specifically good or bad. In this case however I just want to give you quick thoughts and be done with it.

Starting with:

Admission (2013)

Tina Fey is one of those comedic actresses that you always can depend on. And the premise of the film seemed promising enough. However it never delivers. I do think it is a film that briefly makes you question the admissions system and the politics surrounding this. Only it's a bloody shame that Admission is not really about that and more about Tina Fey's character reflecting on her self of what she has accomplished and where she wants to go in life. Normally I would applaud such an effort. However not if it is done as blandly as here. This film lacks the wit and substance to back that up. Very forgettable film.

I love science fiction. Especially if it features one of my favourite actors. Which in this case is Antonia Banderas. But even he seemed very lost with the concept of this film. 

Autómata (2014)

You could say that this film is like a Blade Runner meets I Robot. This post-apocalyptic thriller starts real promising. It intrigues just enough to want to know of what is going on and how it will end. After a while though it seems that it forgot that questions were raised that needed answers and does not even try to give you a rewarding narrative. It simply evaporates with meaningless nothingness. And Antonio does try real hard to make it worth your while. But he is let down by the script and the direction. 

Which brings me to:

Superfast! (2015)

The film that obviously spoofs the Fast and Furious franchise. And while it is far from the level of real good parodies like Naked Gun or Hot Shots it is much better than those ones made in this decade. You know which ones, not going to mention them. The funniest moments come from Omar Chaparro as Juan Carlos de la Sol. Most actors do a fine job of parodying characters played by Vin Diesel and The Rock. It won't make you laugh non stop and some jokes are a little lame but at least I was able to watch this in one go without regretting it. That is saying something.

Omar Chaparro on the left.

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