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The Feed does not have Subscriptions by Email Enabled

Maybe you just added this real cool looking email subscriptions widget and can't wait for the emails to start flooding in. However after testing it you get the following message:

The most obvious solution on a lot of sites offered regarding this topic would be to enable them on your google feedburner account. Log in with your google account and then click on the site you have installed the widget on and then go to the publicize section of the feedburner account. On the left side you will find several services including Email Subscriptions. If it does not have the V in front of it you have to enable it by clicking submenu Subscription Management. In here you will see an ACTIVATE button. Click on it. 

For some this would do the trick. However in my case it did not. So if that is also the case with you then read what helped for me. 

It is of vital importance that you fill in the correct google feedburner ID. 

When installing the cool looking email subscriptions widget it will ask you to replace the ID used in the HTML code with your own feedburner ID. The correct one is the name that comes after:


In this case that would be Chrichtonsworld.

Within the HTML code you will have to edit this (replace xxxxxx with your feedburner ID) into the following lines:

There you have it. Now it should have solved the issue. (Please do keep in mind that I intended this for use within Blogger.And people can subscribe to you like they should. (Speaking of which please subscribe to mine and I will guarantee you won't regret it.) 

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