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Review Hot Pursuit (2015): Not that bad of a watch, but I would not recommend it!

genre: comedy, action, crime

Let's not waste too much words on this film. It's completely predictable in every sense of the way but believe it or not it is not the worst buddy movie I have seen.

That has a lot to do with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. A lot of the comedy comes from the way they interact. It's pretty average and generic stuff but in parts very effective and made me laugh a little. Story wise they follow the old rules by the book. And seeing how this was directed by the same woman who brought the charming The Guilt Trip I was expecting a lot more. By now everybody is very familiar with the buddy movies and how they play out. Why not play around with it a little and do the exact opposite of what is expected? Or at least make an effort to not follow convention. Because let's face it if you can't deliver genuine fun people who sparkle even in the worst of movies then you should not bother. No offense to either Witherspoon or Vergara but their comedic talent is vastly overrated. Let's take a classic like 48 hours and then look at what it offered. It took Nick Nolte as a serious hard as nails cop and put him together with Eddie Murphy as the petty crook.  Now that chemistry and their hostility between them is unbeatable. Witherspoon and Vergara don't even come close because for the most part you don't really feel real animosity between them. And let't face it. We love to see people bicker and banter. 

Hot Pursuit is definitely not one of the funniest movies around but as a buddy movie it's not that bad. I would not recommend this but I think it is passable enough for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

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