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Review Ninja Apocalypse (2014): A little Warriors, a sniff of Dragonball Z, a dash of Mortal Kombat and oh yeah there are a bunch of zombies.

genre: action, martial arts, fantasy

A little Warriors, a sniff of Dragonball Z, a dash of Mortal Kombat and oh yeah there are a bunch of zombies. But what about ninja's? Are they in there? Well, there are some and if I have to believe the premise all the characters in this film belong to Ninja clans. What kind of ninja's are they? People from all colours, races and genders with magical powers and some decent martial arts skills. Only the members of one clan lead by Fumitaka (played by Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa) are wearing the traditional black ninja outfits. (And they have an awesome new way of throwing stars.) The other clans are wearing their own unique colours. And I know that reading all of this might not sound as bad. But trust me, it is very bad. Is it bad bad? Or so bad that it's good? I do think some effort has been put in to make this film look good visually. Even the action scenes are entertaining. Sadly everything else is downright terrible. With no redeeming factors whatsoever. The biggest problem of this film is that it takes itself too seriously. That simply does not go together with all the ridiculousness that is going on. Although the attempt for drama is downright hilarious, but only briefly. Actually I had to stop the film at the middle because I was getting bored with it. It took me a lot of convincing myself to start it up again and finish it. (I can tell you it was a fierce fight but I won gloriously. Believe it! Yes that was a Naruto reference.) Normally I applaud any effort to for people to be able to make movies on a low budget and who get close to so called A titles. However here it is clear they can't escape from it being obvious it's a low budget title. Some sets are used over and over again and it hurts the film quite a lot. And it actually does not make a lot of sense to gather so many people underground. They had one elevator. How is that even practical? Besides you can't have a film called Ninja Apocalypse and then depict all of the events in small spaces with a minimal cast. I truly wished that the people who have made this film will take note. Keep it simple. Give context for the characters and why they have to fight. Plus make the ninja's do super cool things. That is all we want. We don't watch these movies for (mind you very predictable )twists and turns. It's the action and martial arts we want. I sure miss those old days where a fight would start with something like this:

You killed my mother. Bastard, prepare to die! Hiya.......

Overall Ninja Apocalypse disappoints. Which is quite an accomplishment since I was not expecting much. There was potential for a fun movie but pretension came into the mix and ruined it. 

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