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Review Big Game (2015): Achieves what many big A titles fail to do!

genre: action, adventure

Big Game is a non pretentious fun little movie. It never outstays it's welcome and keeps things simple and tight. But at the same time it accomplishes character development for our main characters President William Moore played by Samuel L. Jackson and Oskari played by Onni Tommila. Nothing that deep or shocking but just enough to make us care and root for them. Their acting is what made that happen and it shows that you don't need a complicated and convoluted plot in an action movie like this. Big game looks like it is a throwback to old school action movies made in the nineties. It clearly is made with a lot of heart and I hope more contemporary directors will follow this example. Let us go of the darkness and seriousness and bring back these light films that simply are a lot of fun. I can recommend this big time. 

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