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Review The Smurfs 2 (2013)

 genre: animation, comedy

When the first live action Smurfs were announced I was very skeptic. The Smurfs were around my childhood and I loved them. I would be severely displeased if they would mess it up. Luckily for me it was a blast. They hit all the right notes and it was a good adaptation. So when I heard about the sequel I was actually looking forward to it quite a lot. Then I saw it and was horrified. With all that is going on the screen it was for the most part dull and lackluster. There was no magic and charm at all. It felt real wrong right from the start. In this sequel more than the first one it became apparent that the makers of this movie weren't that familiar with the source material. The original cartoon was filled with jokes for young and old so that people of all ages could enjoy it. Here you had none of that. Although that was something I could overlook if the adventures that were displayed actually would be fun to watch. Actually it depressed me. The melodrama really killed it for me. Sure it is nice to have a little but come one this was just too much. We get it already Smurfette has the blues. Let Jokey Smurf make her a present and get it over with already. Now it is not all bad. Azrael was still hilarious. However there was barely any Azrael in The Smurfs 2 which is a whole crime in it self. I could spend more time on this. But overall I can say this sequel has been a real disappointment. If you liked the first then I suggest skipping this one because you will dislike it to a core.

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