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Review The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug (2013): Superior to the The Hobbit!

 genre: fantasy, action/adventure.

The Hobbit the book does not have enough source material for a trilogy and yet with this sequel abruptly ending it has become a fact. Personally I am not really happy with it. On the other hand if the third is going to be just as good or better as this second part then I am all for it. 

Did he just say he thought this sequel was good? I indeed can confirm this statement. The Hobbit 2 does a way with the hiccups of the first and wastes no time in bringing a compelling adventure to the screen. Granted the adventures do pale a little in comparison with the epic of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. But still I could not but help to enjoy the action that is displayed. And in case you expected more action in the first then your wish has come true since The Hobbit 2 has a lot of it. There is a lot of badassery going around and it is shown why Hobbits are invaluable in any quest that has to be fulfilled. Without them they would never be fulfilled. The dwarves would not have gotten past the first obstacles if it weren't for Bilbo. They wanted to give up so easily. This sequel also manages to give more depth to some of the characters in the same vein as they did with Aragorn. I just love that. It makes you so much more invested in the characters without actually knowing them too well. Now I would not know if story wise the events matched with the book. I haven't read it and from what I have heard about it seems like a good thing that this trilogy is not following everything to the letter. Not that there is much to the story. It is clear the focus lies on the action and the adventure. And I am glad that is the case since in the end a fantasy has to have some spectacle is it not? 

Well, The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug is spectacular. A must watch for sure! 

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