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Review Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

genre: drama

Like many I was being misled this was going to be a comedy. Who doesn't like to see a posh know it all lady going against Tom Hanks playing as Walt Disney. Sadly though this movie being based on a true story makes something far worse. A cheap drama that pretends to be an intense and compelling one. If there is anything to be enjoyed it is because of two factors. First the most important one, Emma Thompson. She brings the depth to her character even when she is not properly backed up in the story telling. She will make you relate to her even when the plot doesn't really allow you to or wants you to. Second is her interaction with the chauffeur assigned to her played by Paul Giamatti. The few and little interactions they have with each other always manage to bring the emotion the whole movie should have brought to the viewer. Everything else is awful. Colin Farrel as the father and the mother are so unlike real people that it makes it very hard to relate them in any way. Walt being the softie as opposed to the hard as nails business man as he was makes the movie not only a mockery of what truly happened. It gladly deceives you about facts and even make it seem like Disney can turn everything into magic. Don't get me wrong I do like Disney in several aspects when it comes to the magic on the screen or in video games like Kingdom Hearts. But to distort the truth and make it seem that Disney always has the best intentions is sickening. So if you were expecting a sincere tale of what happened between Walt Disney and P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins this is not it.

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