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Review The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

 genre: crime, black comedy

The Wolf of Wall Street is a more familiar outing for Martin Scorsese. Meaning we get to meet and follow the most degenerate and psychopath characters that not once have our sympathy. In the same vein as Goodfellas only much lesser. Goodfellas is and always will remain a classic. The Wolf of Wall Street feels like a good imitation but where the soul for the project has been cut out. Don't get me wrong. For the most part this movie is good and very entertaining. There will be scenes you won't believe the decadence. At the same time that is my objection to it. Scorsese is really trying to push buttons here and it has the opposite effect. How many times do I have to see a main character taking in drugs and see what effect is has on him? I got it the first time. Now Leo does give it it his best and he is definitely compelling enough to watch although I could not help shake how much he talked like Ray Liotta. With your eyes closed I could have sworn it was him like he was in Goodfellas. Now not saying that it is a bad thing. But it did distract me a lot of times from the events. Scorsese shows his strength as a director where he makes events more interesting than they actually are. Although in the scenes where things go crazy I was shaking my head in disgust and thinking to myself. I can't believe they just showed that. It felt like to shock for the purpose of shocking. Which I do dislike to the core. Despite this I found myself enjoying this movie. Because at one point is goes from one hilarious scene to another. Now certain parts did drag and the movie could have been a lot shorter and become stronger because of it. Still that does not have to detract from the overall viewing experience. Good watch but certainly not in the same league as Goodfellas. 

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