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Review Escape Plan (2013): Plain fun and one of the better action thrillers made this year!

genre: action, thriller

Stallone and Schwarzenegger together in a movie for the first time in serious roles excluding the glorified cameos of Arnold in The Expendables 1 and 2. And I have to say it worked. No ego's clashing (at least on screen). Schwarzenegger as funny sidekick and Stallone as the lead. Caviezel is deliciously evil as the main villain knowing very well he has to play it simple. Combine this with a compelling premise that surprisingly also gives food for thought politically speaking. Then you are in for superb thrills and action. Maybe some of what you see might be too far fetched. However the execution of the idea offered seems plausible and something that could be realized in the near future. Don't worry though this idea is never in your face and mainly services as a device to move the story forward. Don't expect clever twists or depth. The best I can describe this vehicle is an old school prison escape movie. Plain fun and one of the better action thrillers made this year. 

Also watch out for the scene where Arnold speaks German. This will explain why Arnold still has such a thick accent.

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