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Review Paperback Hero (1999)

 genre:comedy, romance

An early romantic comedy starring a younger but incredible charming Hugh Jackman. Then there is the beautiful Claudia Karvan who is equally charming and comedic as well. If it weren't for these two you would be bored out of your mind with Paperback hero. While the heart of this flick is in the right place there is no strong story to back it up. It is clear what they were trying to do. They are trying to tackle the Australian machismo or machismo in general. Only forgot to emphasise the contrast between of old thoughts and how it could be. The story of a truck driver writing romantic trash novels but who is afraid of coming out with this activity seems strong in potential. Only it barely is presented as a real problem in the film. The focus is on how the character of Hugh Jackman and Claudia Karvan interact with each other and how they supposedly can't be with each other. Since she is already engaged to one of the nicest guys in the world. Yes, this time they did not make it easy for a woman to bitch about her up and coming fiancée. Granted most of the fun comes from Hugh and Claudio messing about with each other. So you better like them otherwise don't even start watching this. Despite the slow pace and nothing really eventful happening I  did enjoy it very much. It's a slightly forgettable comedy when the story is concerned. But honestly does that even matter with Hugh around. Who would pass up the opportunity to see this handsome fella speaking in his own tongue making him sexier than ever? 

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