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Review Identity Thief (2013)


One of the most essential elements in a comedy is that it makes you laugh. Somehow the makers of Identity Thief seemed to have missed this point. It's more a drama with hints of action and humour. The very little humour that is present is the less clever kind that was bordering to disgusting and obnoxious. It also did not help that the story was predictable. Which I usually don't find bothersome if there was more to the characters or the jokes. But Melissa McCarty was not very likeable. And Jason Bateman could have been more colourful. I understood Melissa needed to play her role that way in order to make the transformation into a good person have more impact. If not for the fact she played her role in The Heat the exact same way. It might not be fair of me to judge. But having seen her in this, The Heat and Mike and Molly I do get the impression she is very limited as an actress and also as a comedian. Exactly what makes her so funny? I am not seeing it. Apart from this why did the people behind the funny Horrible Bosses failed to put something fresh into this? It would have been nice if they would have at least tried to. There is no point saying more. Avoid this one!

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