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Review Sisters (1973): The least you know the more you enjoy it.

genre: thriller

Brian de Palma never made a secret of his love for Hitchcock but yet it was never so obvious as in Sisters. The way he sets up the story and the characters could have been directly copied from Rear Window and Psycho yet even then Brian de Palma adds his own unique vision that gives it a different vibe. He goes beyond what Hitchcock  would have done and manages to make this eerie combination of comedy and the bizarre. Most of the story is kept simple and like many thrillers it is asked of the viewer to believe certain events as if it could happen. By doing so it made some scenes effectively creepy and even scary. And credit has to be given to Margot Kidder as well. As she plays a magnificent double role. Which is much better than her Lois Lane role in Superman (1978). Sisters is one of those movies the least you know the more you enjoy it. So therefore I will keep this one short. In my opinion a must watch!

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