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Review Raising Cain (1992): You will be rooting for the bad guy!

genre: thriller, crime

Raising Cain is one of those movies that looks up the darker side of people in a world where most people seem to be devoid from proper conduct and morals. There is something about his film that makes me think all of  it's not real and all a dream.

It will be hard to take this tale seriously since a lot of the characters in this film are hardly likable. There is not one you could connect to even if you wanted to. And that is because most of them are quite despicable. Maybe they are made that way to make it easier to root for our main character who clearly is suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Whenever I see this in films I am often fascinated and perplexed at the same time. Because I am really wondering if it is ever like it is portrayed in movies. It seems so far fetched and unreal. In films especially thrillers and horrors this is a plot device that often is very effective. Usually it will come unexpected and give a nice twist to events. If they manage to make it acceptable. In this case it's not used as a surprise and it is known right from the start of what is going on. It's the brilliant acting by John Lithgow that still makes it a scary and suspenseful affair. He does a great job in bringing out the different personalities and not knowing when they will pop up is part of the fun. 

But there are some parts that aggravated me like the character Jenny Nix played by Lolita Davidovitch and character Jack (yes just Jack) played by Steven Bauer. They are the most vile of people you can imagine. Especially in one particular flashback scene you will be disgusted with their behaviour. The lack of self reflection on their parts and not feeling any shame whatsoever years after is astounding and repulsive. And then to be so careless to even disregard the consequences of their actions. Especially in relation to Jenni Nix's husband and daughter is outright infuriating. Jenny even makes up all kinds of excuses for her infidelity and who knows maybe those are good reasons to be unhappy or make you have second thoughts. However this is something you should express and discuss with your spouse and if then issues are not solved you should take appropriate actions like divorce. In any case it makes you root for one of the personalities of  Carter Nix to deal with her. 

Throughout the films you will see that some main characters are having dreams so that often you are not sure of what is real and not. Confusing sometimes but actually quite brilliant plot mechanic for misdirection. In fact like I said before makes me think that this whole film might be one big dream sequence. Which is very bold if it were and makes me want to rewatch Raising Cain at least once to see if I could detect proof that supports my theory. 

Raising Cain is an entertaining thriller and might not seem to be logical or even real. But it is so over the top that you just have to go with the flow to see what will happen next. I love these kinds of thrillers since they force you to touch upon your own darkness and because they are a lot of fun. And again Brian De Palma pays homage to master Alfred Hitchcock. So definitely worth your time.

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