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Reaction to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice official trailer 2: as a skeptic I actually am wanting to see this film now....

...If only to see the Man of Steel fan boys scream and weep LOL!


Just caught Angry Joe's reaction to this and it was priceless. Naturally I have to respond to this since maybe now people will wake up and smell the coffee. DC is desperately trying to catch up with Marvel and this trailer already shows they are trying to do too much and it will hurt the film big time. Not that they would have succeeded with any of the people involved in the first place. But after seeing the teaser it looked like it was actually going to be interesting. Now I am sure it is going to be but not in a good way. (Which secretly I find hilarious!)

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor or is he his son?

More likely the latter. But even then it's an epic fail. Do we really needed to see him in action to convince us otherwise? Have we actually seen him play another character? I haven't. I already was incredibly annoyed by him. Just seeing him the few seconds he was in there.

Batman not being happy with Superman because of the destruction he caused and continues to cause.

Yep, finally someone who speaks the truth. Give em hell Bats. Mayor annoyance of Man of Steel was the fact that Superman had total disregard for the mayhem he was responsible for. Even if he was just learning to be the great man he once becomes couldn't he have flown to parts of the world where there were no people around?

Batman calling Superman a clown.

Ouch Supe that has got to hurt. Coming from someone who often is dressed like a bat himself that must really be hurting. Real bad. Of course he was referring to The Joker. But basically he says that he sees no difference between Superman and The Joker. Double ouch!


The one villain who killed Superman. For a while at least. Why is he in this film? Isn't that like one huge storyline deserving of it's own film. Much much later. Like 5 films from now at least. Seriously how many story lines are there going to be in one film? Is it going to be one film? Or will it be a two parter? Even then it will be too much. Storytelling in Man of Steel was very poor and I am wondering how they will tie these super huge canon stories into one main one. It looks like they are going to completely ignore the mistakes previous superhero movies like Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 have made. It will get real messy for sure. Because they haven't shown us the other hero's yet who are also rumoured to show up. Or it's going to be half assed and definitely won't be good by any means. 

Wonder Woman

Actually I thought the interaction between Superman and Batman concerning Wonder Woman was funny. But it doesn't bode well. Because how are they going to introduce her? Like they just shown in this trailer? She comes out of nowhere? And we will just have to like her? Based on what? Our knowledge of her in previous incarnations? Or will it be like in Man of Steel we will get told by random people how wonderful she is without actually showing us? We will just have to see, won't we? 

I am sure there are more things I could discuss but I rather see the Man of Steel fans cry their hearts out. Do you guys need a tissue? 

But seriously this is the first trailer of this massively hyped film that has made me curious about it. 

Edit 14-05-2016 (obviously spoilers):
As it turns out I was right about most of the issues I raised. Eisenberg was an annoying villain who was just a villain for the sake of it. The treatment of Doomsday is a joke. How can these people who claim to love Superman disrespect the original story so much. But more importantly why was he there in the first place? Wasn't this film supposed to be about Batman fighting Superman. And the reason given for them fighting is beyond preposterous. It was very lame. Actually the whole fight felt underwhelming since the biggest mistake is that the Batman and Superman in the comic books are friends who were at odds each other. In that context there is something at stake. In this movie not so much since this Batman and Superman hardly know each other and aren't friends. But it gets worse. They become friends just because both their mothers have the same name. So stupid. But read this article on Comic Book Resources. The source material was so much more interesting and even included The Green Arrow. Wouldn't it had been cool for him to show up? And has I had predicted they messed up the introduction of the other super heroes. There was no point of Batman showing this to Wonder Woman. Especially since this Batman is distrusting of meta humans. How does this make any sense? Oh and speaking of Wonder Woman. She just shows up out of nowhere. No background story whatsoever. Apart from her appearing in an old image. She barely speaks. But strangely enough she was one of the best parts in the film. Go figure.

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