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Review Welcome to the Punch (2013): Tribute to the Heroic Bloodshed genre!

genre: heroic bloodshed, crime, action, thriller

Cops and robbers drama that pulls off a lot with minimal means. It has just enough depth to characters and story without it becoming too pretentious. What we have here is a London take on a genre called heroic bloodshed. Eran Creevy himself says this film is paying homage to the Hong Kong action cinema he grew up with. And thank god he did because I loved every bit of it. Maybe this is the reason why I can't almost see no flaw in Welcome to the Punch. Having seen some of the best and the worst in the genre I can easily say that he has done a swell job. With movies in a genre like this it's not reasonable to get caught up in realism or plot holes. The focus lies on the style and action. Everything else plot wise is just a bonus. If you understand this then automatically you will be less critical and just want to enjoy the ride. The acting is top notch and gives it the weight it needs without needing to resort to complicated plot twists. In my opinion one to watch especially people who like me are craving for anything new in the genre.

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