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Review Curse of Chucky (2013): Chucky is back!

genre: horror

Fans of the franchise might have had some doubts when they saw the first images appear of the new Chucky doll. To put the minds at ease there is a perfectly good reason for it. And a brilliant one I might add. Of course you will have to watch for your self why that is. 

Curse of Chucky doesn't waste a minute to set the mood and introduce us to our beloved serial killer doll. Right from when he is there you know he is up to no good. But surprisingly keeps his cool. There is a lot of dread coming from this and it helps build incredible tension. I personally loved this suspenseful approach in stead of following the more gory and comedic route as in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky (Wait a minute,did they properly explain this how it was possible for two dolls to conceive a child? Should I be worried about Barbie and Ken dolls getting it on? On second thought isn't Ken gay? Still that would not stop him from impregnating Barbie if she asked him to. And knowing what I know she must be asking for it often! Sorry got a little sidetracked here. Back to the review.) Most of the unsuspecting characters aren't that likeable so you just can guess who will be among the first victims. And when Chucky strikes, he strikes them relentlessly. I really like how they achieved to make this little doll so menacing again. In some scenes he truly is Evil incarnate. Even Mrs. P.  was impressed as she expected this film to be very cheesy. In stead she found it surprisingly thrilling. I myself really loved this part because it plays around with a lot of what makes Chucky a wonderful horror icon. Plus it has some nice surprises you won't see coming. Granted this is mostly fan service since you only will understand them if you have seen all of the earlier parts. Which BTW I can recommend. It only will enhance your viewing experience. 

Curse of Chucky is proof that creator Don Mancini has done almost the impossible and managed to revive a franchise in a way that makes me excited about the sequel. Chucky is back!    

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