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Are you on the line? / Review The Internship (2013)

genre: comedy, feel good movie

"Are you on the line?"

This question (Are you on the line?) pretty much sums up what the older main characters played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson know about the jobs they are applying for at Google. Absolutely nothing. However they are experienced in many other fields and are capable of thinking out of the box that they have the potential to be just as valuable as the more technically qualified (younger) persons. Basically this comedy shows us that other factors also matter when looking for candidates how someone could be an asset to a company.    

Now don't expect harsh social, economic or political criticism. It is of the subtle variety and in my opinion an excellent approach especially if you only are watching this comedy for escapist reasons. For the most part The Internship is pretty conventional and predictable. But in a very fun way. There were scenes I was laughing so hard because the delivery of some of the comedy was incredible good. Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson combined make a good pair and simply are fireworks. 

At a few points the film does drag slightly but these do get compensated by  hilarious scenes that make you forget about the slower scenes entirely. (I think because of the contrast that is created  between them the viewing pleasure even gets enhanced). Although they prolong the length of the movie artificially which I believe was unnecessary. In this case a much shorter film would have made this a stronger one. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson naturally provide the majority of the laughs but they also show why actors of this calibre can make a difference in film projects like these. In certain scenes they hold back or just give enough so that the younger actors get the chance to shine and show their talents. The Internship has a lot of scenes where Vince or Owen are interacting with others in a way that made you care for them even when we aren't really told enough of who they are and where they are coming from. Only adding to the overall feel good experience. Especially Tiya Sircar made an impression. She was fresh,funny and yet was able to add some seriousness to her character. I hope to see more of her in future. With Tobit Raphael as the Asian nerd they tried to address another sensitive issue present in some societies or cultures also in a subtle way which surprisingly worked but where I was hoping to see more depth or originality. Still, then it would have become a more dramatic affair and detracted from the comedy. 

Overall The Internship is a wonderful feel good comedy that is very funny. The fact that it can be seen as one major advertisement for Google should not detract from that at all.  Since The Internship does so much more. It for example addresses all kinds of political,economic and social issues that are current and very much on the topic. And more important. From start to finish it is entertainment at it's finest. Certainly one of the best comedies that have come out this year. Watch it already! 

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