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Review Byzantium (2012)

genre: drama, fantasy, horror

Byzantium starts very promising where we are introduced to the two main characters. And I was really looking forward of what was to come. I know Neil Jordan would take his time to tell his story so I was prepared for the film to be a little slow. But not like it is. It made it pretty unbearable to watch. I kept doing other stuff during it and could not care at all what was happening on the screen. With me this rarely happens and I do blame the director for Byzantium failing to hold my attention. Apart from a few cool short scenes nothing truly exciting happens. In essence it is a story of how one daughter is tired of the lives they live and they need to lie about who they are.  That was clear from the first sentences she read out loud. There was no need to illustrate that the following 110 minutes. Might not seem interesting at first. Now add the fact she and her mother are vampires. Naturally to include these mythological creatures you couldn't go wrong can you (please do ignore that franchise consisting of sparkly vampires and werewolves)? When it comes to vampires I like it when they still are portrayed as the blood sucking monsters they are and yet have a beauty to them that intoxicates lovers and haters. In here it is no different and even fit very well into the scenery of picturesque Hastings. Only I could not care about any of the characters on the screen. Or the little story that was told. There are some cute differences and details like for example in how the vampires drink the bloods of their victims or how they become a vampire.But other than it's an absolute bore. There is talk of symbolism and in some cases pretty obvious. Does that make this a movie worth watching? No! The mind is not challenged and the heart is not moved one bit. Do yourself a favour and avoid this one.

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