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Review Prince of Persia:Warrior Within (XBOX)

genre: action/adventure, platformer

The Warrior Within is a game I picked up and played many times but never seem to finish it. And that was because unlike the original Sands of Time it was not linear. It was also not very clear what to do because very rarely were you told what to do and where to go next and since you pretty much could go where you want. Combine that with forced back tracking you can understand this adds a difficulty that in my opinion was unnecessary. On the other hand the locations I were able to get to did offer the same things from Sands of Time and then some. The combat for example has deepened. Unfortunately the number of enemies also have increased. Again you are required to master some of the combat mechanics if you want to get to the platforming bits as possible. Since most areas are filled with enemies waiting to kill you. And if that was not enough you have this Dahaka monster to deal with.

Those damn Dahaka chases. One mistake and your dead. Slowing down time does help provided you got the sand tanks to use. These chases really get your heart pumping. And you do so feel like a boss when you own the Dahaka. But some of them were very frustrating to say the least. Especially because you could not save right before them forcing you to replay a certain sequence before the race. That is if you decided to give it a rest and try again another time. Very annoying! Also it didn't help that the camera sometimes made it impossible to see where you had to go and what you were supposed to do. Making you replay it until you know what to do and when to do it. I hate timed sequences in general. After having give it some further thought I think that these chases are brilliant and frustrating at the same time. They force you to think on your feet and make as less mistakes as possible. But like I said it is very frustrating to have such chases next to the increased combat and increased difficulty because of not knowing which way to go.

But you know what. I loved this game. As frustrating as it was at times there was so much to gain while playing it. It really felt like you were in a dark place, a nightmare even, that you had to get out from. Everything about Warrior Within is epic. This is one of the rare games that rewards you when you manage to be patient. So my advice is if you haven't done so already. Take your time playing this, use a guide or walkthrough if you have to since knowing where to go is only one of the difficulties thrown at you. There is plenty of challenge to be found otherwise and generally speaking it becomes more enjoyable if you don't rush it.  

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