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Review Prince of Persia:Sands of Time (XBOX)


The first Prince of Persia game I played was on the pc for which you got one hour to finish.When the hour was passed and you had not reached your goal it was game over. This game forced you to learn and memorize how the levels were set up. Never before that did I came across a game like this. It was pretty intense but oh so fun to play. Never did finish the game though. Years pass and I got introduced to Prince of Persia:Sands of Time. I saw a demo of it and was amazed by the game play mechanics. Somehow Jordan Mechner successfully translated the original Prince of Persia into a 3D videogame with added features that would also become a classic in it's own right.

What can I add about this game that has not been said before? Not much, I think it is a given that this is one of the few games that is very well liked. The fluid controls, the beautiful visuals, a charismatic prince makes want you to finish the adventure when you start. However there is one flaw that could be perceived as a problem for some. Which is the combat. While it is not complex or deep it does require you to master it since there are some levels in the game where you need to dispose of a large number of sand enemies to fill the sand tank so that you can use it. One level in particular comes to mind where at one point you are thinking if you are doing it right because the enemies keep coming at you. And if your health is low than it is understandable that you won't make it before you are done. Luckily there is a pool of water to drink water and replenish your health even if it is risky at times because some enemies may strike you when you do. And there is a block option that will significantly avoid getting hurt. Yes, I was one of those guys that never blocked. Big emphasis on was.

If for some reason you never picked up this game before then please do so. It is a must play! 

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