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Review Prince of Persia:Two Thrones (PS2)

genre: action/adventure, platformer

My thoughts so far since I am currently stuck at the chariot race before the fight with the twins.I have been close to reaching the finish but it's that last turn I can't seem to make.Sure practice makes perfect and it's not like I haven't tried it out many times.But it just is something I will attempt finishing when I feel the urge to again. Knowing myself I will one day. (Strange isn't it how some games compel you to try it again and again and while some make you want to pause and stop and return when you think you are up for it.)

Two Thrones basically combines elements of Sands of Time with elements of Warrior Within. Which works very well. It is much lighter in tone and yet has enough of the dark elements from previous game to keep it interesting. The dialogue between the original prince and dark prince certainly is one of the highlights in the game. For the sake of diversity the dark prince on occasion takes over. When you are the dark prince you are much stronger and brutal but you are also on a clock. Your lifebar is constantly decreasing which you can replenish by destroying the vases or defeating enemies. Timed sequences? Instant flashback to the Dahaka chases. Don't worry, from what I can tell they aren't nearly as frustrating as those. Listening to the dialogue I think you can predict what will happen at one point. If you have played Warrior Within and then start playing Two Thrones you will find yourself breezing to the earlier levels pretty easily. That is if your timing skill is honed since that will help you considerably especially  when wanting to do stealth kills and in boss battles. The combat is a light form of the deep combat of Warrior Within which is limiting. But there are plenty of cheap moves available to dispense of the enemies quicker. (In my opinion it is not cheap when you are overwhelmed by enemies and only have half of the skills you previously had.)

Not having finished the game yet makes if difficult to give my overall view on the game.But from what I have experienced so far it has been enjoyable but does not feel as epic as the first two games.

More will follow once I finish the game (I assume it will happen in this life time).   

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